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Lunch with Family Members

Breakfast and Lunch with Family Members


Our school breakfast and lunch program is regulated by the National School Lunch Program.  As part of this program we have to ensure that students are served a complete meal. 


All students purchasing a breakfast or a lunch will need to eat in the cafeteria (breakfast) or in the lunch shelter (lunch).  If parents wish to wait for the children having breakfast, they may do so at the benches, but students must eat in the cafeteria.  


Parents may eat lunch with their child at the designated benches, but the lunch must be provided by the parent. Parents may only eat with their own child.


To ensure that we are following their guidelines and for student safety, the following guidelines are in place:

  •     Family members (adults and siblings) need to remain at the designated tables. Only Schroeder students may go to the playground or classrooms.
  •     Family members (adults and siblings) may only use the bathrooms in the office.
  •     If it is raining, parents may sign their child out for lunch.

Please contact the office with any questions.