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Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Schroeder Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures

Safety is our first concern at Schroeder. When dropping off and picking up your children, we ask your cooperation on the following:

  1.              Enter the drop off area on Columbia. All cars must exit onto Cornell. If you wish to walk your student you must park your car in the designated areas.
  2.             We have 2 lanes of traffic. The outside lane (#2), is drive through only.  Please stop at the stop sign at the cross walk to allow families to walk to the parking lot.
  3.             Lane #1 is for pick-up and drop-off only. There will be no parking (do not exit your car)  in this area.

Please pull all the way forward, stop, and have your child unload quickly.

  1.             Children will enter and exit cars on the right (passenger) side only. This is the exit closest to the curb.
  2.              If a child is not prepared to enter/exit the vehicle the driver will continue out of the driveway and may circle around and reenter the parking lot.
  3.           Please be aware that all red curbs are NO Parking Zones. Please observe the No Parking Zones and Bus Zones. Those who choose to block the bus zones and park by red curbs will be asked to move their cars immediately. Do not drive through the circle drive; this area is for busses and child care vans only.