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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency drills are held on a regular basis so that children will have automatic responses to emergency signals. During emergency drills, students evacuate with their classrooms and then move to one of five neighborhood groups.  The neighborhood groups allow siblings to be together as well as children who live in the same area. 


            Student Color Groups

Red (A) – North of McFadden, South of Bolsa, East of Springdale, West of Edwards

Yellow (B) – North of McFadden, South of Bolsa, East of Edwards, West of Goldenwest

Blue (C) – North of Railroad Tracks, South of Rancho (Westminster), East of Rancho/Spa, West of Springdale

Purple (X) – Interdistrict transfers, all addresses outside the Westminster School District

Pink (O) – Open enrollments, other Westminster School District Schools

Special Day Class and Preschool students stay with their teacher during an emergency.


It is important that we have proper addresses for all students, otherwise they will be in the wrong neighborhood group.  In the event of an emergency, students can be picked up at the school gate off Cornell.  All children should have an emergency kit on campus in case of extended stays.  All students must have an up-to-date emergency card on file. Schroeder School has an Emergency Plan which will be followed in case of a disaster. Following an emergency such as an earthquake, students will be kept under school supervision and released only to parents or an adult designated on the emergency card.


Your cooperation is necessary in any emergency. Do not telephone the school. Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication. Do not drive to school. If you wish to pick up your student, walk to school when possible. Streets must be kept open for emergency vehicles. You will be required to sign your child out with school personnel before your child is released to you or your designee. Impress upon your children the need for them to follow the directions of any school personnel.